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Welcome to LERYSTYLE.

When I first used Internet, I got curious about websites. I dreamt to become a website master, who can manage lots of interesting contents and share with millions of netizens.

So when I was in middle school, I attempted to make some websites using some WYSIWYG web design softwares, because I knew nothing about programming. I really enjoyed it, although it was a bit complicated to maintain the sites.

Afterwards, Web 2.0 became prevalent, enabling people to set up their own space, such as a blog, on the Internet very easily. I was definitely one of them. I’ve used several blog services to record my life during my college time.

But after that I decided to turn back to the personal website, because of the limitation of personalisation in these blog services. At this time, I realised that web technology had experienced a substantial advance due to the hardware evolution and web standard upgrading. My eyes are especially caught by those cool websites with excellent front-end design. And I wanted to have my own space for my photography portfolio, personal introduction with the most flexibility. So, I made a plan to set up this site at the beginning of this year.

I chose WordPress as my website platform. It’s open source with all the codes available to be amended. But at first, I wasn’t familiar with the PHP, Javascript, even HTML and CSS at all. The only programming background of mine was C but I found it helpful for me to understand these new programming languages.

Since I was so eager to have my website set up, I didn’t study all of these from scratch. What I did was starting with an existing template, understanding its functions and adding my own ideas. I tried to write HTML and CSS according to my design in Photoshop.

Certainly I confronted many problems when building this site, but Google didn’t let me down, as I could usually find articles and threads with similar problems. Also, loads of plug-ins saved much of my time to get certain effects done. I have great admiration for these talented people.

However, sometimes if I had a particular problem, I had to solve it by my self, debugging and testing again and again. For example, the compatibility for different browsers was a big issue. I installed almost all the browsers in the market to test my site. By the way, it’s a pity that IE, as the most dominant one, is the worst at keeping up with the W3C standard.

Finally this site is launched. I would like to share my happiness, my experiences, my view on this platform. Hope you enjoy it.

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